My screenplays are varied projects and all in different genres:  ‘Cowboy Girls’,  a action-adventure Western; ‘Mimi’ , a coming-of-age film firmly set in inner-city Birmingham, UK;   ‘Rumpy Pumpy’  a comedy-drama, a ‘female ‘Full Monty‘  set in a Brothel and ‘Sidney Talks Sex’ a first episode for a six-part TV Drama Series.


‘Cowboy Girls’ is my Western and an original screenplay that the late, great Anthony Minghella called ‘Bold, highly original and enormous fun and a film which puts the female right at the epi-centre of the tradionally male genre of the Western and in doing so revives a flagging genre.’

In ‘Cowboy Girls’ I had been inspired by the letters home of real-life Frontier women, women who later became ‘Cowboy Girls’ and who wrote of opening saloons, wrestling with cattle, working as ‘sharp-shooters’ and riding in the Rodeos. These women, future ‘Cowboy Girls’,  so full of spirit and adventure, inspired me to write the story of two young Convent girls, sisters Maeve Morgan and Brige, who escape from a famine-stricken 19th Century Ireland, to brave the waters and the journey westwards to become cattle barons in Texas.

On the wagon out West, dressing as cow hands or waddies, these ‘Cowboy Girls’ form a strong friendship with Adelaide, a society heiress, battling through death-defying adventures together on their trail out West as they finally reach the promised land of Texas.  There, these brave-hearted ‘Cowboy Girls’  stop travelling and claim their free acres – their land!  Maeve sells her soul for land and riches, marrying a powerful local cattle baron, Arthur Bransome, but Adelaide, a young woman of education and high ideals, sticks close to her original dream of finding a new freedom for women.

Download the screenplay here. COWBOY GIRLS – MUSICAL – MASTER (2021)


In ‘Sidney Talks Sex’ I came up with the idea of a set of relationship counsellors whose lives – of course! – are every bit as complex and screwed up as their clients.  Syd, my main character is a complex, thirty-something counsellor, in love with her fellow counsellor, who is married, but not unaware of their mutual attraction.  Syd also needs sexual healing as does Andy, her fellow counsellor.

Coupled with this are the clients, many suffering from problems of a sexual nature and who need sexual healing from our counsellors. An urban, sophisticated comedy-drama, ‘Sidney Talk Sex’ is perfect late night viewing.  First episode, full bible and storylines available.

Download Sexual Healing Screenplay Download SYDNEY TALKS SEX – BIBLE & STORYLINES

‘SEA CHANGE’ – a short film

the-waves-4464137_960_720In ‘Sea Change’ we see Miriam, an ex-Drama teacher, lacking self-belief, who brings her two wards to the Isle of Wight to visit their dying Grandmother. When they take the old lady, as her dying wish, to visit all the island’s beaches, only then does Miriam break down and start to find out who she really is and what she wants.  This is the ‘Sea Change’ she has been waiting for her whole life.

When she leaves the island, we see Miriam full of new hope and determination. She has gone through a huge ‘sea change.’  

Download Sea Change screenplay


(Sample scenes and extended Treatment available.)

‘Rumpy Pumpy’ tells a local tale of one Jean Johnson, an intrepid Hampshire Women’s Institute member, who two years ago decided to champion the cause of our country’s thousands of illegal Brothels and by licencing these brothels, improve the conditions for Working Girls.  In ‘Rumpy Pumpy’, we see Jean link up with a Brothel Madame, Holly Spencer, and, as we follow the different stories of the Working Girls – one a hair-dresser, one a gym instructor, another a lawyer, a housewife and a teacher – all trying to hold up entire families in recession UK  – we follow their struggle to take on the local authorities and link up with Jean, marching to Downing Street.

‘Rumpy Pumpy’, based on this true story, is a tale of courage, hope and optimism – all told with a good dollop of humour.  A ‘female “Full Monty”, ‘Rumpy Pumpy’, is a British Comedy Drama.


Download Rumpy Pumpy extended screenplay Treatment.

Download Rumpy Pumpy Pitch


I hope you enjoy my first screenplay ‘Mimi.’  ‘Mimi’  was my first ever film screenplay and was commissioned by the European Media Script Fund. Can you imagine how wonderful it was to be paid to write a story about a young girl, growing up in inner-city Birmingham, trying to pull together her disparate family before she takes up a place at Stage School?  ‘Mimi’ was my very chance.

Researching and developing ‘Mimi’, it was wonderful entering into the head of my eleven-year old, mixed-race protagonist and working out how the world ‘looked’ through the eyes of a young girl.  A young girl called ‘Mimi.’   ‘Mimi’ brought me to the attention of Working Title Films and opened many doors for me as a Screenwriter.

Download Mimi screenplay