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Barbara, Linda Nolan, Louise Jameson

Barbara Jane Mackie is a BBC trained screenwriter and has written the musical screenplay ‘Rumpy Pumpy!’, the film of her stage musical.

The screenplay was commissioned by Carnaby Films UK.  ’Rumpy Pumpy!‘ played The Kings Head Theatre and Windsor Theatre Royal to popular and critical acclaim.

The Kings Head Theatre called Barbara’s musical “Calendar Girls meets London Road meets Sweet Charity”.

Barbara has also written the screenplay, The Last Chance Mommas which is currently in development.

She also has created Wobble, a six-part comedy drama series, with episodes, storylines and the bible available.

Her first screenplay was ‘Mimi’ (Media 2 funded) followed by Cowboy Girls, an action adventure comedy film.

At the BBC, Barbara developed and commissioned ‘Dangerfield’‘Dalziel & Pascoe’, ‘Rumble’ and the film ‘Seed’ which she also produced.  During her time at the BBC, Barbara also developed the award-winning two-parter ‘Bad Company’.

Barbara worked in documentaries for Channel 4 and Drama Development at Independent TV Companies World Productions, Kudos TV and ran her own production company, The Bridge, Film & TV Production producing documentaries for the BBC and Channel 5.

Reviews for Rumpy Pumpy!

“An exceptionally good story in this nugget of WI history, ripe with the eccentricities and enterprise that made Calendar Girls such an engaging piece. A fascinating story, ripe with possibilities.”  The Stage

Check out the website for more details www.rumpypumpythemusical.co.uk


WobblePosterv1 (1) What do you do if have sexual problems in your relationship? You go see a Sex Counsellor.  What do you do if you are that Counsellor and have sexual problems of your own? You panic!

Barbara has written the first episode, storylines and series bible for the series, ‘Wobble’.

Set in a sex therapist’s practice, this taps into all there is to know about sex, and more, with an amazing array of characters and comedic encounter.

Comedy Drama series. 6 x 50 minutes.

‘WOBBLE’ – BIBLE & STORYLINES Birmingham Download here

WOBBLE – (NEW MASTER) Birmingham Download here


CowboyGirlbg2forbarbarasiteBRIGHTERCowboy Girls

Barbara has written and composed the musical screenplay ‘Cowboy Girls’, an exuberant, action adventure Western, set in the 1880′s.

‘Cowboy Girls’ was developed by Anthony Minghella who called the screenplay: bold, highly original and enormous fun – and a film which puts the female at the very epicentre of the Western and so reinvents a flagging genre.’

Barbara is working with Musical Arranger John Cameron (‘Les Miserables’, ‘Kes’ and many more) and all musical sketches are on the website: www.cowboygirlsthemusical.com

Synopsis available here.

Cowboy Girls Screenplay - download here

The Last Chance Mommas 

‘The Last Chance Mommas’ tells the moving tale of Macy, a cruise ship singer who returns the Isle of Wight, where she grew up, called back by the long-lost daughter she gave up for adoption years ago. 

A film with real heart – a British ‘A Star is Born.’payday loans direct lenders bad credit uk

Script available.
The Rank Way

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