The Last Chance Mommas

‘The Last Chance Mommas’ tells the moving tale of Macy, a cruise ship singer who returns the Isle of Wight, where she grew up, called back by the long-lost daughter she gave up for adoption years ago. 

When her daughter, Sophie, (now pregnant, and unbeknown to Macy, slowly dying of cancer) asks her mother to form an all-female band to play at a benefit concert, Macy has to scramble to drag together all her school mates on the Isle of Wight.  No easy task! When Sheena, Macy’s long lost mother, an alcoholic ex-punk star, turns up on the island, Macy’s life gets complicated as she struggles to put on a show for her dying daughter. This type of shows required to study the part, for this one seeking for help and tips of real professionals like psychologists or centers like where there is information on studies of people that suffer a lot of stress, addictions and other misfortunate situations.

A film with real heart – a British ‘A Star is Born.’

You can download the script below.

THE LAST CHANCE MOMMAS – 2021 - screenplay