How to write your first Musical

Easy steps in writing your first ever Musical …

Ok, folks.  I am doing it and only have a very rusty grade 5 Piano (ended up after six years of lessons only being able to play a John Mayall’s Blues song  and badly after too many drinks!) so be VERY ENCOURAGED, people, because if this particular writer can cobble together her FIRST MUSICAL so can you! Step one: wait until the dead of night in your darkened bedroom (must be pitch black) and drag your phone to your ear and press the ‘record’ button. Step Two: Get into the character you are creating for – in my case ‘RUMPY PUMPY!’ ‘s main character, Holly, a Brothel owner) and think yourself IN.  Step three, get under that duvet so husband and lurking teens in nearby bedrooms can’t hear you and start to warble away – one note after another – into your record section of your phone.  Step three: Banish all those demons and lurking critics in your head and GO FOR IT -sing a note, sing two, sing three.  Does it sound shite?  Maybe, but that doesn’t matter – onwards, mon brave!  Step Four: Just force out the notes, they will come, I promise!  This particular writer has a rusty/coffee-stained voice so you can imagine that my croaking is anything but effective but you must FORCE yourself to believe in your ability to COMPOSE!

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Now ‘Compose’ is a very weighty word which scares the living daylights out of most of us – it certainly did me! – but press on.  Agreed, this darkened duvet crazy way of creating is certainly not for the feint hearted, but as said, if Barbara Jane Mackie can write a Musical so can you!  Be brave.  Step Five: play back the few notes – maybe just four or five in sequence – that you have recorded and reflect.  Shite or semi-shite or … ok-ish?  If ok-ish, pat yourself on the back and think of some lyrics to match your warblings – this can help the process, believe me – and then do another RECORD. Be brave – do it!  How does it sound now?  Like a tune?  If you have a tune, then you are technically a composer and pour yourself a large brandy and go to sleep, dreaming dreams of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Oscar glory!


More to come on this and the workings of MY FIRST MUSICAL ‘RUMPY PUMPY!’