Monthly Archives: December 2012

Wobble – Barbara Jane Mackie

Ok, folks, it’s official! Have started WOBBLE my follow-up novel to EAT THE VIEW, which will be set in Ryde, Isle of Wight, where I live. Opening scene in a beach hut overlooking the wonderful sweep of Appley Beach, as our angst-ridden writer, Alpha O’Mara, struggles with her first chapter – as did I this week! Hell’s Bells? A first chapter has to do SO much! Not just set up the entire novel, but the themes, the central characters – well, some of them – establish sympathy for the protagonist and so on – phewwww! But nailed it so cbd products charging on now with WOBBLE!

Literary Editor – A gun for hire!

Am now a gun for hire! A fully credited Literary Editor, folks, so if anyone wants to hire this lone cowgirl, please just contact me on my email – or through this site. Been editing my friend Christine Lord’s book ‘Who Killed My Son?’ her powerful and moving indictment of the BSE, Mad Cow cover up that is soon to be published and we are turning into a screenplay together. Very moving, very true and hugely searing. A moving tale which will be out soon. I thoroughly enjoyed editing another writer’s work and cut, cut, cut calling myself Barbara Jane Scissorhands!

Eat The View gets Sunny approval!

Wunderbar! ‘Eat The View’ got a very bright and breezy thumbs up from THE SUN newspaper! ‘A very funny novel with lots of truly delicious characters’ THE SUN’S Books Ed, Natasha Harding, called it. Good stuff! Also featured on ChicLit Central for those of you who are more ‘online’ as BOOK OF THE WEEK so now just need more downloads, so get clicking on Amazon, please, people, and have a read of ‘Eat The View!’ If Christmas doesn’t cheer you up, the tales of my wild and wanton heroine, Alpha O’ Mara, should warm the cockles of your heart!